The New Trailer To ‘Becky’ Looks Like An R-Rated Version Of ‘Home Alone’

The movie we need right now.

Even though ‘Home Alone’ is an all time classic, when you look back at it you do have to wonder how it even was allowed to be made as it’s essentially some sadistic kid laying horrendous traps that would actually murder anyone that was unfortunate enough to stumble onto them.

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With that in mind given its success, it’s kind of surprising that nobody has come up with a more realistic/bloody/adult version of the concept until now. I suppose you have the ‘Saw’ movies but they’re completely different, as ‘Becky’ features a 13 year old girl coming up against a recently escaped from jail Neo-Nazi – played by none other than King Of Queens’ Kevin James – and setting a load of brutal traps in an effort to save her family from him as he terrorises them.

Take a look at the trailer below to see what I mean:

Yep, that looks like it’s destined to be a cult classic doesn’t it, especially with Keven James and Joel McHale playing against type in it. You know those movies where comedians play serious ‘gritty’ roles always do really well and end up getting on people’s end of year lists – think ‘Uncut Gems’ or ‘Brawl In Cell Block 99’.

It’s released on June 5th on OnDemand, so not like we’re even going to have to wait too long to see it either. Can’t wait.

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