New Tekashi 6ix9ine Ambush Video Shows Attackers Before Brutal Assault

On smoke.

New surveillance footage shows Tekashi 6ix9ine’s attackers being led into Florida LA Fitness before launching their ambush on the mouthy rapper in the men’s bathroom.

Here’s the original clip in case you missed it:

And new footage that shows these men were clearly on a mission to find the rapper as they entered the building:

So it looks like one of the men was already working out at the gym, spotted 6ix9ine, and then called his buddy so they could confront him together. The other guy just walks in without showing membership or ID, so either members are allowed to bring a +1 or there’s now a new job opening for front desk receptionist at LA Fitness after what transpired.

Either way, hope it was worth is for these grown men to beat up a 26-year-old rapper, film the whole thing and share it online because it won’t be too difficult for police to track them down based on all the evidence that’s available. You can’t commit a premeditated violent crime and get away with it, even if the victim is someone who practically begs to be assaulted every time we see him.

Tekashi was taken to a hospital on Tuesday and was still there on Wednesday. He suffered damage to his face, back, ribs and jaw. Amazing we haven’t got a clip of him running his mouth from the hospital bed yet, but give it time.

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