New Study Finds Vegans Are 43% More Likely To Break Their Bones Than Meat Eaters

Well, duh.

In news that probably isn’t too surprising, a new Oxford study has determined that vegans are 43% more likely to break their bones than meat eaters.

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No, this isn’t because constantly telling people you are vegan weighs heavy on the bones, but rather because of the vegan diet itself. According to the study, more than 50,000 British people tracked over 20 years found that giving up animal flesh weakens bones – and can trigger osteoporosis.

Compared with people who ate meat and fish, researchers found that those with lower calcium and protein intake were especially prone to hip, leg and spine fractures.

Vegans were also 43 per cent more likely to suffer a fracture anywhere. In particular this applied to the leg, vertebrae and collarbone.

Now obviously going vegan has its own benefits that vegans will let you know about if you try to banter them over this study. For example, ever seen an overweight vegan? I haven’t. But at least us meat-eaters aren’t going around breaking our bones! Well, we are, but we’re just less likely to according to this study. That’s got to count as a huge W, right? We get to keep our bones intact and eat cheeseburgers whenever we want. After all, you can’t break fat.

Then again you’ve got people like the Diaz brothers wrecking people in the UFC and they’ve been vegans their entire adult lives, so who knows? You also have to account for the fact that vegans generally get beaten up more than non-vegans so that could be another reason behind the higher likelihood of bone breaks. Well, either way, let’s hope they didn’t spend too much $$$ on this study because I think it’s something most of us could have guessed anyway.

Wonder what the woman who got ‘vegan’ tattooed on her forehead makes of all this?


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