A New Study Claims That Double Dipping Your Food Is More Dangerous Than The Five Second Rule

Double Dipping

Everything I believed has changed.

The five second rule is something that many of us live our lives by, but have any of us out there ever considered the possibility that double dipping might actually be less hygienic than it?

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I absolutely haven’t even thought about that being an issue, but ‘food expert’ Paul Dawson from Australia begs to differ though, saying the following about the two practices:

I expected there to be not really much bacteria transfer because of the small surface area on a cracker or chip when you bite it.

But we actually found there was 1,000 more bacteria per millilitre in the dip from when you bit the chip than when you didn’t.

That’s a significant amount … that’s more like a person-to-person transfer like the common cold and other contagious diseases rather than the typical food-borne illness like E.coli and salmonella.

5 second rule

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The five second rule is kind of like you’re playing Russian roulette.

It depends on the surface – if there is pathogenic bacteria on that surface, then no, it is not safe to eat.

But honestly, most surfaces are not going to have any kind of dangerous bacteria there.

Most of us have probably used the five-second rule and not gotten sick, but again it depends on the surface.

I mean that’s totally true, but I’m pretty sure I’ve also never got sick from double dipping a chip either or being around anyone that has done it either. I know doctors and food experts always warn you against things like this, but honestly if anyone is gonna get sick off either of those things I gotta think that you’ve been massively massively unlucky. It just doesn’t happen.

For more double dipping, check out the weird fad of dipping pizza into milk that was around for a bit a couple of years ago. Bizarre.


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