New Russian Board Game ‘Our Man In Salisbury’ Makes Fun Of The Russian Nerve Attack

Our Man In Salisbury


Russians are a crazy bunch aren’t they?

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Not only was the recent nerve attack in Salisbury one of the most controversial international incidents in recent memory, but despite the fact that the official Russian line on it is to deny all knowledge of it some citizens have decided it’s a good idea to create a board game making fun of it. You really couldn’t make it up.

‘Our Man In Salisbury’ – yeah it’s really called that as well – follows your standard word game format, with players having to travel across the board from Russia to Salisbury. The cathedral there appears with a crosshair next to chemical weapons experts wearing protective suits. Talk about subtlety.


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The game’s lead designer Nikita Filipov said the following about it:

The message of our design is that it’s a kind of humorous response to this torrent of dirt and information from Western media directed at our nation.

Very humorous I’m sure you’ll agree. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be available in this country and only 5000 copies are being made in Russia to begin with so it looks like it might be hard for you to get a version of it to play at your local pub on a Sunday afternoon. Bummer.

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