New ‘Rick And Morty’ Episodes Will Arrive On May 3rd

They’re back.

It’s about time we had something to look forward to during the Coronavirus lockdown as pretty much everything we ever do look forward to has been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future, but today we finally had some good news with the announcement that new ‘Rick And Marty’ episodes would be arriving on May 3rd.

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However, in typical ‘Rick And Morty’ fashion, it wasn’t immediately clear if the announcement was real or a joke thanks to the timing of it being the morning of April Fool’s Day. It has now been confirmed that it was genuine and we’ll be seeing the second half of season 4 come May 3rd, both in the US and the UK.

Here’s the trailer:

Well that didn’t really reveal too much about what the pair will be up to come May 3rd, but I think we should just be thankful that we have something to look forward to right now as we’re destined to be cooped up indoors for the foreseeable future. Probably gonna stop releasing new TV shows by the end of it as well as production will have grinded to a halt on all of them. Make the most of it whilst you can.

For more of the same, check out this completely weird April Fool’s Day episode from a couple of years ago. They’re so silly.


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