Perfect Bank Holiday Hangover Cure: Another New Queens Of The Stone Age Track

qotsa i appear missing

Queens of the Stone Age tease at up and coming album …Like Clockwork with a new song and an awesome animated video.

qotsa i appear missing

I haven’t written an article, or anything, for Sick Chirpse in a wee while now, and I’m sorry. However, this is a nameless and faceless post anyway, I’ve not connected a Google+ either, because I’m shit, so this apology means nothing. Anyway, whatever, juggling between being nocturnal, an alcoholic and a student leaving anything and everything to the last minute is… well, it’s first world, white male problems and it doesn’t mean shit. I return though with a gift alongside my apology though.

Now, whilst I can’t sit here and pretend that I come bearing Triominoes, I do have something as equally awesome — if not more so impressive. I’ll be quick and to the point about it though, seeing as my brief stint away from writing has left me incapable of stringing coherent sentences together, let alone dragging out the pretense of wit across a sizable word count. The basic long and short of it is that, as I previously posted, Queens of the Stone Age have a new album coming out in June by the name of …Like Clockwork.

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A new album that they previously previewed by unleashing the unholy My God Is The Sun on the unsuspecting public; something that seems to have acted somewhat as a harbinger for this weather we’re having now — which if this becomes a trend we should worry what this next song is a precursor too, particularly that video…

Oh, so, yeah, the news is that Queens of the Stone Age have released a new song ahead of the album’s release date and this time there is an accompanying video. The track is called I Appear Missing, and admittedly this is just a preview of the full length album track, and it is a smoky and brooding track that brings to mind some of the later tracks on Lullabies To Paralyze and the darker moments of Songs For The Deaf — another sign that this new album looks set to be a spectacular return to form.

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The accompanying video is just as striking too, with stunning animation portraying the journey of a bloody, bandaged and suited individual awoken in the desert by a crow and carried on the wind like a spectre through a post-apocalyptic landscape of sorts. Anyway, that’s enough of me; watch, listen, enjoy, or don’t — whatever.


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