New Poll Suggests That Boris Johnson Is On Track To Lose His Seat In Next General Election

Not looking good for the guy.

It’s already been a less than stellar couple of weeks/years for Prime Minister Boris Johnson considering his response to the Coronavirus – maybe he has some capital with the ‘excellent’ Brexit deal he managed to negotiate though? – and it looks like it might get even worse for him as a new poll is indicating that he might lose his seat in the next general election. Maybe that Brexit deal didn’t go as well as he thought?

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Anyway, the findings come courtesy of a 22,000 person survey conducted by research data company Focaldata throughout the month of December and published in The Sunday Times yesterday. The results state that Johnson may not be able to hold onto his Uxbridge constituency and also predict that neither Labour or the Conservatives will win an outright majority in the next election in 2024.

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The survey found that the Conservatives would lose 81 seats, wiping out their 80 seat majority and leaving them with 284 seats. Labour on the other hand would win 282 seats and the Scottish National Party were predicted to win 57 of the 59 seats available in Scotland, meaning that they would play a major role in forming the next government. Great.

Of course, it’s pretty early days to be predicting something that’s happening in three years time given how quickly the political situation seems to change in this country at the moment, but I suppose it’s reassuring to know that the next election probably won’t lead us to the chaos of this government. Oh wait.

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