A New Pill Could Stop Men Suffering From Premature Ejaculation And Make Them Last Four Times Longer

Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation will affect pretty much every male at some point in their life and apparently if you say that it never has then you’re just a filthy liar – at least according to something I read once.

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Anyway, it’s obviously going to affect some people more than others and it’s these people that are probably going to be super stoked on the contents of this article because it looks like there might finally be a cure for premature ejaculation that actually works. A medical trial of the drug cligosiban recently went down at the Tulane University School Of Medicine, where it was found that it increased a man’s orgasm time by 3.8 X times after six weeks of taking it every day.


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Whilst this might sound impressive to begin with, given that their previous average ejaculation time had been 33 seconds, you’ve gotta bear in mind that you’re still only getting four minutes of dick there. I suppose it’s still progress and could hopefully be used to make it stretch out even longer, but right now it’s gonna be a bit of an ask to get people who are only lasting 30 seconds to keep going to the average time of five and a half minutes, even with those pills to help them out. Sorry buddy, better get practicing those kegel exercises instead.

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