New Netflix Documentary Claims That Madeleine McCann Is Alive And Was Abducted By Traffickers


Hot take.

The controversy surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has engrossed the world for over a decade and shows no signs of letting up, with a new Netflix documentary explosively claiming that she’s still alive and was abducted by traffickers.

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The documentary features an interview with private investigator Julian Peribanez saying the following during it:

Traffickers normally go for ‘lower class’ children from poorer countries.

That’s the main supplier of these gangs. The value that Madeleine had was really high because if they took her it’s because they were going to get a lot of money.

She had more value as a middle class British girl.

OK that isn’t really saying anything that we didn’t really know, but I suppose that’s the angle they’re taking with the documentary and that’s that. Kinda thought there was gonna be a bit more evidence than that though.

You can check out the trailer to it below:

Yeah I mean that does look like it’s going to be really dramatic doesn’t it. Only problem is that nobody knows the ending, although senior child protection officer Jim Camble is perhaps a bit too optimistic in his interview, claiming that the disappearance will be solved during his lifetime. Not so sure about that pal but here’s hoping. This is what he had to say:

There’s huge hope to be had with the advances in technology. Year on year DNA is getting better. Year on year other techniques, including facial recognition, are getting better.

And as we use that technology to revisit and review that which we captured in the past, there’s every likelihood that something we already know will slip into position.

I mean that would be great wouldn’t it but I really think he must be one of the only person out there who actually thinks this mystery is going to be solved. Nevertheless, I’m sure the government is going to pump countless amounts of money into it for the next decade.

The McCanns themselves refused to take part in the documentary, saying that it was a waste of resources and would hinder the investigation. Not really sure if that’s entirely true, but I can appreciate their viewpoint as it looks like the film is gonna implicate them pretty badly.

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