A New Nasal Spray Treatment Causes A Rapid Eradication Of Coronavirus


There’s understandably a lot of talk about Coronavirus cures and vaccines at the moment as the discovery of one is the only thing that will lead to this lockdown nightmare being over and now it seems like there might be one that works in the form of a nasal spray.

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The spray is called INNA-051 and was originally manufactured to fight against the common cold, but it was found to reduce viral replication by up to 96% in research on animals. Dr Christopher Demaison said the following about the the results:

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We’ve been amazed with just how effective our treatment has been.

By boosting the natural immune response of the ferrets with our treatment, we’ve seen a rapid eradication of the virus.

If humans respond in a similar way, the benefits of treatment are two-fold. Individuals exposed to the virus would most likely rapidly eliminate it, with the treatment ensuring that the disease does not progress beyond mild symptoms.

This is particularly relevant to vulnerable members of the community.

In addition, the rapidity of this response means that the infected individuals are unlikely to pass it on, meaning a swift halt to community transmission.

Sounds like they could be onto something hey? They’ll be ready to test the spray on humans in the next four months so hopefully it’ll work on us as well and we can start getting this stuff out to everyone and start beating the virus.

IN case you’re wondering how the spray works, it stimulates the innate immune system, meaning that its boosted and great reducing the ability of COVID-19 to infect you. Fingers crossed it’ll work on us like I said.

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