This Man Is Going Around Terrorising People With A Spray Bottle Labelled ‘Covid-19’

Doesn’t look the type.

Police in Florida have arrested 50-year-old David Randoph White after receiving a call from concerned locals about a lunatic with tattoos all over his face spraying a pet supermarket with a bottle of yellow liquid. 

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According to The Florida Times, the bottle of yellow liquid was labelled ‘Covid-19’ and the man was screaming his head off about coronavirus, but let’s be honest – it was probably piss. 

Fortunately, White was only able to spray the front and outside of the store, so no one got a face full of coronavirus juice piss. Apparently police arrived sharpish, probably because when given a description of the man in the 911 call they knew exactly who they were looking for – the local pisshead who has tattoos for eyebrows.

White is now in prison and will probably regret spraying that pet supermarket with whatever was in that bottle labelled Covid-19 (again – probably piss). Oh well, I’m sure he had a reasons – just like every other nut job from Florida we write about.

Speaking of which – did you hear about the Florida man who was caught shagging an alligator he kept tied up in his backyard? Yikes.


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