NEW MUSIC: Weightless Volume One – Different Circles

This is like ambient gold to your ears.

After a banner 2014, Mumdance and Logos are proud to announce their new vinyl only label ‘Different Circles’.

Their inaugural release, ‘Weightless Volume One’, is a collection of tracks from 6 producers who are pushing the envelopes of genre and resetting the boundaries of what can be considered “club music”.

Coining the term “Weightless” to describe the sound, the movement traces the liquid space between spectral grime, sound design & electronic experimentation.

With the abundance of generic music that is currently saturating our hard drives and speakers alike, a space is being created for a more subtle sound. The term weightless ironically has a lot of weight to it, it’s a term that floats between the boundaries of different genres in a lucid way. All 6 tracks from Weightless Volume One carefully tread thin the thin ice that hangs above the watery depth of the genres, without ever actually breaking it.

Tracks such as Inkke’s ‘Love Song’ resound with a Grime based template, working off an Eski style beat with a layered melody floating throughout, whilst Dark0’s ‘Sweetboy Tears’ takes up a very minimal yet powerful vibe, with a ridiculously subtle melody that pulls the listener in.

The collaboration between Mumdance, Logos & Rabit for ‘Inside The Catacomb’ is the one that really pays off, and truly represents Weightless Volume One. A spectral disjointed beat with other worldly FX and percussion brings a real sense of dread, although in a very airy way.

This is a very powerful release from Mumdance & Logos on their new label, and one of many to come by the sounds of it.

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