Robert Pattinson And Willem Dafoe Are Slowly Going Mad In The New ‘The Lighthouse’ Trailer


There’s a fair amount of hype surrounding the new movie from Robert Eggers after his accomplished debut ‘The Witch’ – especially gien the fact that he’s managed to convince Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe to star in it – and the new trailer to ‘The Lighthouse’ looks like it’s going to live up to expectations.

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The movie basically looks as if Pattinson and Dafoe head to a remote lighthouse for work and then just slowly go mad over its two hour run time and the trailer reflects this. There’s a weirdass octopus, a corpse, loads of drinking and both of them looking more and more bewildered and shouting at each other .

Take a look at it yourself and see if you think any differently:

I mean yeah that does look like it’s literally two guys going crazy and being weird for a couple of hours doesn’t it? And if The Witch was anything to go by I imagine Eggers rackets up the tension and dread throughout that tremendously before they end up killing each other or drowning or whatever at the end. Should be an unforgettable – if not exactly enjoyable – experience when it hits screens on October 18th.

For more of the same, check out the other trailer to The Lighthouse. Even weirder tbh.


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