There’s A New Japanese Game Show Where Bears Attack Contestants Sealed In Glass Boxes

Japanese Game Show Bear Attacks Woman Glass Box

There is absolutely no way you’re catching me getting inside one of these boxes.

A video has emerged on the internet of what’s apparently a teaser for a new Japanese game show. It seems to involve a contestant being placed inside a sealed glass box and then being attacked by a bear.

Apparently the ‘game’ is merely to test the contestant’s nerve. As you can see below, it doesn’t look as though it’s a lot of fun:

Wow. She really is not enjoying that is she? Unfortunately there aren’t any more details about this show and what the premise is behind it right now. I’m hoping that it’s not something lame like a Japanese version of Fear Factor (although that episode where contestants had to drink donkey semen really was something else) and is instead just a show where contestants have to go up against bears in a number of different skill games/rounds etc.

I’ve got a feeling like it’s more likely to be the former option though, although it is called Riddles From The End Of The Earth which makes me think it might kind of have a Crystal Maze vibe going on  Anybody else got any ideas?

It’s not the craziest Japanese game show we’ve ever seen though – that honour definitely belongs to Orgasm Wars.


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