Fear Factor Cancelled After Making Contestants Drink Donkey Semen

Fear Factory Donkey Semen

This is really pushing the limit as to what can be classified as acceptable television.

Do you remember Fear Factor? I used to watch it years ago and had no idea it still existed. If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a show where they make people do really scary stuff in order to win prizes. The scary kind of stuff we’re talking about is hanging out with creepy crawlies and walking across really high tightropes and stuff or maybe putting a tarantula and a snake in your mouth like this guy. It’s not exactly mind blowing television but it was worth tuning in every now and again to kill a couple of hours.

The fact that it wasn’t exactly must see TV was probably reflected in its ratings, so it looks like the show tried to spice things up a bit by making the challenges as outrageous as possible. And when I say outrageous, I mean completely and utterly outrageous.

In this clip, the contestants have to drink donkey semen and urine. Whoever came up with that is one sick son of a bitch. I’ve never really thought about donkey semen before – I mean it’s obviously a thing but it’s just not something that comes up in day to day life is it – and just the thought of it even existing makes me want to retch, let alone the thought of actually drinking it. These brave girls step up though and gargle it down like champs in what has to be one of the grossest videos we’ve ever posted on the site.

In fact, it was so gross that the show got cancelled due to the backlash because of it. It’s not really surprising is it because it really is crossing the line of acceptable television. If you don’t want to feel absolutely disgusting then don’t watch it. Seriously, I had to take a shower after it to feel human again after subjecting my eyeballs to it.

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