This New Ice Cream Will Cure Your Hangover


Dreams can come true.

Eating ice cream is one of the most fun activities out there, but how could would it be if eating ice cream was chemically proven to cure your hangover as well?

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Well in 2018, it seems that this is actually a possibility thanks to the recent invention of Gyeondyo-bar over in South Korea. This is an ice cream sandwich whose name roughly translates as the ‘hang in there bar’. It’s grapefruit flavoured and contains a small amount of oriental raisin tree fruit juice.

Apparently the oriental raisin tree fruit juice is a traditional Korean hangover cure that has been used for years and is scientifically proven to actually work. This is because it was tested on some rats and reduced their intoxication levels.


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Whilst I’m not exactly buying that, I’m not gonna turn down an excuse to eat an ice cream sandwich when I’m hungover. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the Gyeondyo-bar is ever likely to make it over here unless it’s a really big hit over in Korea and someone really smart recognises the potential in this country and brings it over as well. Can’t really see that happening though, but we can but hope.

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