This New ‘Hottest Hot Sauce In The World’ Uses The Recently Discovered Pepper X

THe Last Dab

Its 3.18 million Scovilles compared with 2.48 for the previous.

Hot sauces are undoubtedly one of my favourite things in the world, although I can’t handle the really extreme stuff so I doubt I would be much use if I had to go up against ‘The Last Dab’, which is apparently the hottest hot sauce in the world now.

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That’s because it uses the recently discovered Pepper X that measures 3.18 on the Scoville scale, compared to previous incumbent Dragon’s Breath pepper which scored a swell 2.48. It was created by Ed Currie – who previously was responsible for the Carolina Reaper – and he’s collaborated with NYC hot sauce store The Heatonist to come up with ‘The Last Dab’.

It’s a gingery, mustardy sauce with a strong sense of garlic that takes a while to pow you with how hot it is before it has you full on sweating a puddle off your forehead. Just the way I like them. For a full review and everything you need to know about it check out the video below:

Yeah, looks pretty decent doesn’t it although it’s probably going to be pretty hard to get your hands on any – the first batch of 1000 bottles sold out in three minutes. Guess I’m not the only guy out there who loves his hot sauce.

For more hot sauce, check out this guy who took a bath in the stuff. Not a good idea.


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