This New Hoodie Allows You To Wear Your Cat Wherever You Go

Mewgaroo Hoodie


It’s pretty incredible that this doesn’t exist yet because we all know that people with pets love to cuddle them and carry them around, but amazingly it has taken until the year 2016 for a specially designed hoodie with a pouch for your cat or dog (or whatever pet you want to carry around) on it to be designed.

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It’s called the Mewgaroo Hoodie and it’s been designed by the guys over at Unihabitat in Japan. As well as the the pouch, the hoodie also features sewn on ears and paw pouches so everyone knows that you’re really into animals, as well as an easily removable liner that lets you easily clean up any mess that your animals might make whilst they’re hanging out in the pouch. We all know that’s probably going to happen at least once.

Mewgaroo Hoodie 1

Mewgaroo Hoodie 2

Mewgaroo Hoodie 3

Mewgaroo Hoodie 4

Mewgaroo Hoodie 5

Unfortunately it looks as though the hoodie is currently only available to people in Japan, but we’re sure that there’s going to be a mass market worldwide appeal for stuff like this so it probably won’t be too long until you can order one over here. We hope it isn’t anyway.

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