You Can Now Buy A Hoodie With A Built In Vaping Feature

Vaping Hoodie 1

Of course you can.

Vaping is big business now, as you’ve probably come to realise after seeing the hundreds of people smoking their vapes whenever you go out anywhere.

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Most people just stick with the classic models, but if you want to be extra edgy when you want to impress your hipster mates you can now buy a hoodie that has a built in vaping system. Cool, man.

The company is called vapRwear and sounds like it just creates clothing specifically for vapers because that’s actually a thing now. The hoodie basically works by having a hose in the hoodie so you can easily vape whenever you want. The zipper around the hood makes it super easy to detach the hose whenever you want, so the system really couldn’t be any better.

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Currently they’re retailing for around between $90 and $150 and you get a choice of two different vapes –  DLo3 (dry herb, wax, e-juice) or DLo1 (oil, e-juice), for those of you there that actually care about that kind of stuffand also you can get the hose in black or red too. So many options there for you, so what are you waiting for? You definitely want to be the first cool kid in your town with a vaping hoodie don’t you?

There’s also another advantage to having a vaping hoodie rather than a regular vape – it will make it a lot less easy to accidentally vape your dad’s urine.


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