“Police Can’t Help You Now” Additional Footage Of 6ix9ine Being Jumped At LA Fitness

Most brutal footage yet.

Another angle of the Tekashi 6ix9ine beatdown at LA Fitness earlier this week is doing the rounds, and it offers an even more brutal look at just how badly these men were laying into the 26-year-old rapper:

Jeez – I know the guy has been essentially asking for it even since being released from prison, but it’s never nice to see someone get jumped and ganged up on like this, especially by grown men with grey beards who really should know better. I wonder if he ever insulted them personally, or just their zip code, or what exactly the issue was between them?

There’s another clip doing the rounds that shows Tekashi walking around the gym after the beatdown, with a “fan” mocking him as staff put him into a safe room:

At time of writing, Tekashi was still in hospital with injuries to his face, back, ribs and jaw. The most shocking thing is that he hasn’t released a video from his hospital bed talking shxt about how they couldn’t finish the job. Wouldn’t shock me if he gave out his hospital bed number and told his haters exactly where to find him. But maybe, just maybe this incident has taught him that he needs to keep his mouth shut from now on, and just focus on making music (if he really must).

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