The New Facebook Offices Look Like The Best Place To Work Ever

Facebook New Offices

Get jealous.

Now we’re not saying that we don’t have a good time here at Sick Chirpse HQ, but if you check out the space that Zuckerberg has just bought his employees then we can almost guarantee that you’re bound to get ridiculously jealous of it because it looks like the most fun place to work ever.

It’s 430,000 square foot waterfront space in Menlo Park, California and features some of the best working features in history. By far and away the best of these is that there’s a nine acre park on top of the building, complete with plenty of benches and power outlets so you can get your work done in the great outdoors if you so desire. There’s also – as you might expect – a huge bunch of open plan areas, a bunch of weird artwork (kinda like the original David Choe graffiti that turned him into a millionaire who later admitted to raping masseuses), a bunch of nice looking stairs and a meeting room with a ball pit in it.

OK – you might not have expected that last one in there but I suppose that’s what makes it look like the most fun place to work ever. But really that’s all about the massive park, which also has insane views, on top of the building. You would probably get paid pretty well if you managed to land a job at Facebook too, so you would pretty much have it all.

One day Sick Chirpse HQ will look like this, trust me. Check out some photographs of the inside and outside on the slideshow below.

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