New Details Have Emerged On Lars Von Trier’s ‘The House That Jack Built’

Lars Von Trier

Building suspense.

So earlier on this year we were delighted to bring you the news that Lars Von Trier is working on his next movie named ‘The House That Jack Built’.

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This was of course very exciting news, although in classic Lars style, there were virtually no details released on the movie other than it’s going to be about a serial killer, with the following (incredibly vague) video announcement:

But now it looks like new details have emerged, quenching just enough thirst to make us even more excited and intrigued about its release. According to Variety magazine, ‘The House That Jack Built’ will be told from the serial killer’s perspective and will take place over a period of ten to twelve years.

The cast will be a combo of American and European actors with two big male characters and four big female ones. Vague as always, but still, it will be interesting to know who these roles will get filled by.

Zentropa will be producing the film, which is set to start shooting in August. Louise Vesth, lead producer at Zentropa, said:

It will be a serial killer movie like you’ve never seen before. He wants to be able to change it between periods of shooting because when we’ll have done the body of the film in the Fall, he will then go edit it and he sees how he can combine the murders.

Lars said that he also wants to use different formats to tie the incidents together. Louise added:

He calls it the five incidents, which is the murder cases and then he has a lot of digressions in between to connect the story, in a similar way as in ‘Nymphomaniac.’

‘Nymphomaniac’ was tied together so beautifully with biblical and agricultural metaphors, so it is great that he is using a similar style in his new project.

As always it’s likely going to be a very long time before the movie is actually out, but thankfully we will get fed little snippets like this every so often to keep us excited.

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