Lars Von Trier Is Going To Make A Serial Killer Film This Year

Lars Von Trier

This is going to be some messed up shit.

It’s been nearly two years since Lars Von Trier announced a series he was planning called ‘The House That Jack Built’ and we were beginning to wonder if he had completely dropped the project.

But according to this recent video he posted via IndieWire, looks like it is going ahead and he’s actually going to turn it into a feature length serial killer movie instead.

Nice – he even threw in a little David Bowie tribute there. Doesn’t give too much away and the same can be said about the last announcement he made in May:

Lars Von Trier Facebook

What we do know is that filming is going to start in autumn and that the story follows a serial killer from the murderer’s perspective. Like a Lars take on Funny Games.

Exciting stuff. Lars Von Trier is one seriously messed up motherfucker and the fact that he is doing a horror is even better — it’s going to take the slasher genre to the next level. I reckon this has potential to be one of the most bleak and disturbing films ever made.


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