There’s A New Cult In Town That Claims ‘Demons Cause Autism’

Torben Søndergaard the last reformation

Don’t trust these guys.

A new cult that is gaining popularity in the UK claims to be able to ‘cure’ autism and homosexuality through casting out demons.

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The Last Reformation is a Christian based religious group that originated from Denmark by leader Torben Søndergaard back in 2011. Unfortunately this worrying and unusual group has been spreading across Europe with more than 100 members in the UK.

Torben Søndergaard cult

Not only does Søndergaard reckon that he can cure autism, but he said that he can also eradicate illnesses and diseases such as cancer by expelling demons and praying. In one of his videos, Søndergaard said:

We see so many people set free from demons and healed.

One of them was a young girl, 9-years-old, who had autism. When I prayed for her…that spirit just left her.

And suddenly she smiled, that young girl, and said ‘Hey mom, I’m happy.’

As said, some religious nuts are actually signing up to this utter bullshit, although most people quite rightly know that it’s just a load of old crap. The cult is holding a meeting in Dublin later this month, although the location is top secret as so many people are pissed at this guy for his controversial claims.

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I don’t blame people for being pissed – imagine how belittling it would feel to be autistic and have someone imply that you are possessed by demons. So offensive.

For more crazy cults, check out the Aghori who practice cannibalism and other crazy shit.


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