A New Chinese Skyscraper Literally Looks Like A Giant Penis Ejaculating

Giant Ejaculation

Whose idea was this?

I know that I have a dirty mind and often see the grossest things in every day objects, but to tell me that someone didn’t set up the below video with the specific intention of making it look like a gigantic penis was ejaculating is completely unbelievable.

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The video comes from China and the province of Guangxi in the south-east of the country. Apparently, to celebrate the opening of the brand new Guangxi Media Centre – which had taken a whopping two years to construct – the government decided to commission a fireworks display.

Whilst that sounds like a good idea on paper, when you see how the display was executed below you’ll realise that it really, really wasn’t. That’s because the building resembles a giant penis and having the fireworks display coming out of the top of it just looked like it was blowing spunk everywhere:

Yeah I mean that’s certainly a misguided idea isn’t it, although now it’s gone viral everyone on the internet has at least heard of the Guangxi Media Centre, even if it is for the wrong reasons. Apparently all the locals are annoyed that this has given the world the impression that they’re idiots, but if I was them I would be thanking them for just letting the world know who we are.

Unfortunately though – as is so often the case with these videos – this has actually been proved as fake. Turns out some prankster saw the shape of the unfinished building and added the fireworks and the light display going all over it to come up with this great piece of content. Sorry to burst the bubble.

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