New Blumhouse Movie ‘Truth Or Dare’ Looks Like The Next Great Horror Franchise

Truth Or Dare

‘It Follows’ crossed with ‘Final Destination’.

Blumhouse is synonymous with excellent new horror movies and more often than not horror franchises, and it looks like they’ve got an absolute gem on their hands with their next offering ‘Truth Or Dare’.

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The movie follows a group of teens who become involved in a sinister game of Truth Or Dare (hence the title I guess) whilst on holiday in Mexico. It turns out that once you’re in the game, you’re in it forever and if you don’t answer the truth or perform the dare, then it ends up killing you, Final Destination style.

Get a load of the trailer below:

Yep, I can definitely see this one becoming Final Destination for the ’10 crowd. Looks absolutely brutal and I’m pretty confident that none of them are going to get out of it alive, no matter how hard they try.

It’s probably going to stop people from ever playing Truth Or Dare when they’re at a gathering with their mates, which is probably going to ruin any chance you ever had of getting off with that one guy/girl you always had a crush on. Sorry mate.

For more upcoming horror movies this year, check out the just released trailer to Slender Man. 2018 is gonna be another scary year.


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