After a twenty year absence, the Wyld Stallyns could be returning to our screens….

Following the release of the new Keanu Reeves movie Henry’s Crime , the Hollywood star has revealed that there are plans to make a third movie in the Bill and Ted franchise who we last saw in 1991 as they embarked on a ‘Bogus Journey.’

Reeves stated: ‘It would just be us older guys playing the characters – we’d be older and it would be funny; they’re supposed to save the world and they’re turning 50.’

He also revealed that this was more than just a pipe dream:

‘You know, I’ve spoken and had some meetings with the writers and Alex. I don’t really know any details of the plot – I know there’s a lot of time-travelling. Chris and Ed, the writers, are doing a draft on spec. They’re taking it into their own hands and writing a script. I haven’t seen it yet.’

I’m not sure how else he expected the script to get written, other than by the writers ‘taking it in their own hands’ and writing it, but I guess that’s Keanu Reeves for you.

Reasonably, it can also be expected that Alex Winters is firmly behind the movie as, well, he hasn’t really been in any movies since 1993. Given Reeves’ performance in the recent Henry’s Crime; hell given Reeves’ performance in any movie over the last twenty years I doubt it would be too hard for him to get back into the character of Ted, so it seems all the elements are in place for this to happen. Let’s hope it does, and it’s better than other belated sequels like Tron:Legacy.


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