Another New BBC Alan Partridge Series Is Being Shot In May

Alan Partridge


This Time With Alan Partridge has only been on TV for a couple of weeks, but plans are already afoot for a follow up series on the BBC that’s being shot as early as May.

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Co-writers and directors Neil Gibbons and Rob Gibbons were speaking to the Empire podcast when they let slip that they were already working on another series for the popular presenter, saying the following:

The podcast thing is interesting, I could definitely see Alan doing that.

Actually, there are other formats on our list, one of which we’re – I don’t know if we can talk about it – but we’re about to shoot another Partridge series.

We’re going to film it in May for the BBC, which is Alan trying his hand at something else.

I mean that’s great news isn’t it? You wait so long for an Alan Partridge series and then two literally come along at once – like buses or something.

There’s no real clues yet about what the ‘other format’ that Partridge might be involved in come May, but the two creators have hinted in the past that they might set him up doing a ‘Dimbleby-style grand sweep of British history’. Maybe that’s what this will see him doing? Only time will tell.

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