A New £1 Hangover Pill Is Going On Sale In The UK From Today


The hangover is the bane of a lot of people’s lives all over the world as I think everyone except for the straight edge community just loves going out and getting fucked up and this obviously makes it difficult to function the next day if you have anything to do.

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So it stands to reason that a load of people should be excited about the introduction of the new Myrkl pill into the UK today. The tablet is sold at the price of £30 for 30 and all you need to do is take two up to an hour before you start drinking.

Following on from that, up to 70% of the alcohol in your system will be broken down after 60 minutes, leaving you hangover free in the morning. Here’s what Myrkl chief executive officer Hakan Magnusson had to say about it:

Marking the first time in history that a consumer product is demonstrated to effectively and rapidly break down alcohol, we are very excited to be launching this ground-breaking product in the UK and in most European markets.

Moderate social drinking is a huge part of British culture, with the majority of British people heading out each week to enjoy a few drinks together.

Myrkl’s purpose is therefore to help those regular moderate drinkers to wake up feeling their best the next day, whether they’re a busy working professional, young parents, or seniors who want to maintain an active social life.

The independent clinical trials prove just how powerful this product is at breaking down alcohol.

Whilst Myrkl is in no way designed as an excuse to drink beyond NHS guidelines, we are really convinced that Myrkl is a game-changing product for those regular moderate drinkers, and we can’t wait for the British public to try it out.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? The pill is also vegan, all natural and apparently boosts immunity and natural energy levels as well, so there isn’t really an excuse not to give it a go.

It’s only a pound a pill and it could legitimately change your life. Just saying.

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