Here’s Why You Should Never Watch Porn On Your Smartphone

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It’s not worth the risk.

We live in truly incredible times. Technology and the evolution of the internet has helped usher in a world where information and, more importantly, porn is just a click away.

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Adult entertainment fans can now find pretty much anything their heart desires in a matter of moments thanks to Google, whether it’s girl on girl action or something a little more niche involving food or hamsters.

But just because porn is readily available in its various forms doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take care when accessing the stuff.

Clearing browsing history and those damned cookies on your laptop is one thing, but have you ever thought about what happens when you access porn on your mobile?

Let’s be frank here: people are accessing porn on their smartphones. A lot. And there’s really no shame in that. It’s a damn sight more convenient than using a laptop for starters and much easier to conceal in the unlikely event you get caught in the act.

But it turns out watching porn on your phone does pose some risks too. Risks that go beyond simply having a dodgy browsing history.


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According to tech company Wandera, accessing porn on your smartphone may leave you open to cyber criminals and hackers alike, eager to expose and exploit your online antics.

Part of the reason behind this is that mobile operating systems like Android are far less secure than their laptop equivalents.

That means that hackers could conceivably tap into your porn habits and end up sneaking malware onto your handset, which can damage your smartphone and potentially lead to sensitive data leaks.

There’s also the very real danger that your porn habits could be discovered, leading to any number of blackmail scenarios where hackers threaten to reveal your habits to friends, family or even your boss. They may even be able to prove you watched porn at work. Wow, really?

A spokesperson for the company warned:

Adult, extreme and illegal content categories are far more likely to leak data, employ unencrypted technologies and otherwise expose organisations to risk.

The solution? Stick to your laptop and install some decent anti-virus software. That, or go back to magazines or DVDs. For the time being, at least.

Or you could just keep running the gauntlet. Maybe that added danger will prove a turn on for some, but it’s definitely a turn off for us.

If you’d like to take the test to find out if you’re a porn addict or not, click HERE.


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