This Video Proves Why You Should NEVER Go To A Backstreet Plastic Surgeon

Illegal surgery

That’s not meant to go there.

In the Kardashian, social media-obsessed world we live in, bum lifts and implants are now as popular as boob jobs in the plastic surgery industry.

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However, at £4,000 a pop, most mere mortals cannot afford to go ahead with it. Sadly, instead of accepting their fate as a flat-butted woman, many people are reportedly flying into Rio de Janeiro to get budget butt jobs in the favelas from illegal surgeons.

The shocking video below captures one backstreet surgeon injecting a chemical called methacrylate into a woman’s backside. This substance, also known as bone cement, it usually used to set joints in place or define bone structures in reconstructive surgery. Basically, it does not belong in someone’s butt:

Shocking. Police have said that the patient in the footage had flown from Portugal in order to get the treatment, which costs as little as £1,000. I’m not being funny, but surely that cost plus the flights would cover over half of a proper procedure anyway? If you’re that desperate, just carry on saving up and get it done somewhere safe. Otherwise you might end up like this woman.


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