Here’s Why You Should Never Get Too Cocky At The Gym (VIDEO)

Bench Pressing

Not quite how he intended this to go down.

Every now and again a video comes around on the internet that is just perfect in pretty much every single way… this is one of those videos.

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In it, some dickwad is betting all of his mates that he can bench 185lbs in the gym no problem, even going as far as to wager his buddies $20 that he can do it. Unfortunately for him though, not only does he spectacularly fail his bench pressing goals, he also lets out a really massive fart whilst attempting it, leading his friends to have what can only be described as an absolute breakdown:

Lol. The dude might not have been able to bench 185lbs, but I’m pretty sure that his friends got a whole lot more out of that than if he had been able to. I would probably just have given him the twenty bucks anyway for making me laugh so much. Guy deserves it.

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