This Is The Most Disgusting Female Fart In History

Girl Most Disgusting Fart Ever


I’ve always been of the mindset that girls don’t fart, and most of the girls I know have confirmed this.

However, it seems like I’ve been completely led up the garden path here and it’s been proven by the following video, where a girl lets out one of the most completely rank and disgusting farts I’ve ever heard from either sex. It’s completely rancid.

It also seems like it’s a fairly regular occurrence from her as her kid brother in the video is practically bracing himself for what is going to come out at the beginning of it. He looks like he’s unfortunately been the recipient of it one too many times, and when you hear it you’ll be surprised that he even wants to be anywhere near her when she lets one of these out.

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Jesus. I guess there’s going to be the inevitable discussion about whether it’s actually real or not, but I’m not really sure how you would even fake something like that because it’s all over the place and doesn’t exactly sound like something you might be able to make on a GIF keyboard or whatever.

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