Never Ever Get Blisters Again With This Amazing Life Hack

Extra Hole Shoelaces

It also explains what that extra hole on your shoes for your shoelaces is for.

Blisters haven’t been a problem for me for a while, but I’ve definitely had pairs of shoes that chafe my heels like nobody’s business. I remember once I even had to throw a pair away because they hurt so much. They were a really sweet pair of Vans too.

Anyway, if I had known what the extra hole on my shoes for the shoelace was for then this would never have been a problem for me. And now it won’t be ever again, and this also solves the mystery of what that extra hole on your shoes is actually for – I always thought it was just there to put your laces through normally. What an absolute noob.

It turns out that you actually use it for creating this awesome technique to keep your feet tied up real tight in your shoe so that you never get blisters ever again because your foot is so tightly set in them that it will never chafe again. It’s called the Lace Lock or the Heel Lock and the guy in the video below explains how to set it up perfectly.

Watch it immediately and change your life forever, then watch these life hacks too for more solid advice.

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