Never Before Seen Photos Show David Bowie On The Cusp Of Fame

David Bowie portrait

Golden years.

Marking 50 years since the release of David Bowie’s self-titled debut LP, a new photo book has revealed never before seen photos that were taken for the album’s cover.

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The photographer was Gerald Fearnley, brother of Dek Fearnley who was one of Bowie’s bandmates at the time. Although the album was not initially a hit, the pictures have gained great significance due to Bowie’s unfathomable success in the years following it and the fact that they act as a prelude to some of his most famous looks.

Most of these have not been seen until now, published in their entirety in the new photo book ‘Bowie Unseen: Portraits of an Artist as a Young Man’.

If you’d like a copy of the book (definitely one for the collection) you can buy it for £17.99 from this link.

For a photo set of rare Beatles photos that were taken around the same time as the images above, click HERE.


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