Someone’s Leaked A Load Of Unseen Beatles Photos And They’re Just Fabulous

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A day in the life.

The Beatles are undeniably one of the greatest bands of all time and in celebration of this iconic group, an incredible trove of never before seen black and white images of them are now being exhibited.

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The candid shots were taken by photographer David Magnus at EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road, for the BBC, back in June 1967. Talking about the experience, Magnus said:

As I came from the EMI canteen, one of the female studio staff stopped me, put a hand on my shoulder and said to me, ‘I must touch you as you’ve been in the same room as The Beatles’.

It was as if I carried an aura from the Beatles. This to me sums up Beatlemania.

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Just incredible. If you would like to see the exhibition, all these photos and more are being exhibited in The Beatles Unseen: Photographs by David Magnus at Proud Gallery in Chelsea, London.  The exhibition runs from tomorrow until the 14th May 2017.

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