Check Out These Never Before Seen Kurt Cobain Paintings From His Depressed Years

Nirvana Exhibition 1

Tortured soul.

Kurt Cobain is well known as the singer/songwriter in the band Nirvana, but you may not have known that he was also a keen artist in the world of painting as well.

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A new exhibition in Seattle (where else?) is set to feature some of Kurt’s artwork that has never been seen by the world before – for some reason it was left in sealed boxes following his death and they were only recently opened. No idea where these boxes were or why nobody thought to open them, but hey at least we’ve got them now and we’ve got this exhibition.

It ran over the weekend so chances are if you’re reading this then you didn’t get a chance to make it, but Rolling Stone were lucky enough to receive some previews of the paintings that were going to be featured. You can see these below and it’s pretty typical of Cobain in that they’re fairly dark and tortured, but also childish and humourous, kind of in a similar style to Munch.

Check them out below:

Nirvana Exhibition 7

Nirvana Exhibition 6

Nirvana Exhibition 5

Nirvana Exhibition 4

Nirvana Exhibition 3

Nirvana Exhibition 2

Yeah, not really sure what he’s trying to say with most of them, but I suppose that’s what art is all about – interpreting stuff in different ways because it’s how it makes you feel and it’s open to your own perception of it. Or something like that – it’s not like Kurt is gonna help us figure it out anyway so just make of it what you will.

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