Netflix’s New Dating Show ‘Sexy Beasts’ Looks Completely And Utterly Unhinged

People dress up in animal suits to go on dates based on their personalities.

Dating shows are undoubtedly some of the best trash television out there and the industry is constantly coming up with new spins to put on them in search of the next big thing and I think they might have peaked with Netflix’s latest offering ‘Sexy Beasts’.

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The twist in ‘Sexy Beasts’ is that the participants are dressed up in animal costumes for the entirety of their dates, trying to prove to people that personality is all that matters when it comes to love. If that sounds weird already then wait until you see the trailer because that looks completely and utterly deranged:

OK not even gonna mention about how stupid it is that these guys and girls are all having absolutely ridiculous prosthetic make up applied and then hanging out on normal dates like it’s not big deal, but the main problem with the show surely has to be that everyone featured on – from what I can see – looks like what you would call ‘conventionally attractive’ anyway? Surely a show like this can only really work if you get some majorly ugly – however you want to interpret that word – people on it to prove that the concept works? Seems kinda reductive when everyone is super hot.

Anyway will still be tuning in obviously because it looks way too stupid not to watch. Probably gonna be on for years to come.

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