Netflix Is Releasing A Motley Crue Biopic And It Looks Completely Insane

The Dirt

The Dirt.

When it comes to rock and roll bands, there aren’t many who are recognised as more notorious hellraisers than Motley Crue and so the only question about the film adaptation of their notorious autobiography ‘The Dirt’ should be why did it take so long?

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Netflix finally decided to commission a film version of the 2001 novel and the good news is that it will be on our screens on March 21st showing us just how Nikki Sixx (Douglas Booth), Mick Mars (Iwan Rheon), Tommy Lee (Colson Baker), and Vince Neil (Daniel Webber) became the biggest rock band on the player. This is obviously a tale of all the highs and lows of rock and roll excess and obviously the trailer doesn’t pull any punches – you can check that out below:

I mean that does look really stupid and dumb but in fairness the whole era of hair metal and cock rock bands was stupid and dumb so it seems like they’ve at least stayed true to the embodiment of the time. Whether the movie will actually end up being any good is another matter entirely, but I can see a whole bunch of people tuning in, especially after the success of Bohemian Rhapsody.

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