Netflix Have Released A Trailer For A Reality Show Set In A Funeral Home

It’s called ‘Buried By The Bernards’.

I’m not sure if anyone has ever thought that we would need a reality show about living in a funeral home – I guess ‘Six Feet Under’ was a big TV show back in the day – but Netflix often know what we want before we want it and that’s why they’ve decided to bring us ‘Buried By The Bernards’.

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The series will follow the Berneard family and their funeral home in Memphis, Tennessee and promises to deliver lots of family laughter and drama-dy on the side, looking to put a unique spin on the morbid side of life thanks to the family’s energetic and hilarious personalities. It was filmed during 2019 and early 2020, so there won’t be any mention of Coronavirus I don’t think which might have made the whole thing even more triggering for people given how much death has dominated the headlines over the past year.

You can watch the trailer below and read what eldest daughter Deja Bernard had to say about it underneath that:

When you think of reality TV, you think of drama. We’re not like that. Even though it was a huge blessing to get this show, it doesn’t take away from us. We’re still the same loving Bernard family. When families come in, we’re still going to love you and cherish you. Nothing is going to change.

Now, everyone is able to use that drive-through window and practice social distancing while still being together. That drive-through window has come in handy. I hate it so much, but we’re getting business because of it.

OK, that looked stupider and sillier than it really had any right to, so I reckon it’s something that might actually be worth tuning into? It’s already on Netflix now so I guess you might as well check it out if you haven’t got anything better to do? Could do a lot worse.

For more of the same, check out when a man broke into a funeral home once to have sex with a corpse. Hope they don’t have storylines like that on ‘Buried By The Bernards’. Or maybe I do?!


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