Nerd Shows Off Surprise MMA Skills With Unreal Roundhouse Kick To Bully’s Ribs (VIDEO)

Did not see that coming.

Before we begin, I should mention that we don’t actually know whether this tall guy with the glasses and skinny jeans is a nerd or whether the shirtless drunk fighting him is a bully (or drunk, for that matter). So maybe that headline is a tad unfair.

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Still, the video is well worth a watch due to the complete ridiculousness of it throughout. We’ve got this shirtless guy in Timberland boots and a chain wallet taking on a tall, lanky ‘nerd’ in glasses. On paper, you’d think the former has all the fight experience and thus the advantage. But the reality proved to be much, much different:

How ridiculous was that? You can watch this video over and over and something new will catch your attention every time. I think the nerd really started letting loose when the bully knocked his glasses off with that stupid flurry of punches. There was just no stopping him after that.

It wasn’t even just the reach advantage that played in the nerd’s favour, this guy really knew how to fight! Which I realised when he threw that picture perfect spinning kick. Seems he also has a bit of ruthless streak in him too because the bully had already pretty much given up by the time he unleashed his brutal finish move… this horrific, rib-shattering roundhouse kick:

Looks like those kickboxing classes finally paid off! I’ll bet he was waiting for years to show off the skills he learnt in those classes his mum and dad signed him up for all those years ago. OK that last shot was completely unnecessary but still, a decent reminder that you never truly know who you’re messing with. Keep that in mind.

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