Nepali Man Bites Snake To Death

Man Bites Cobra To Death - Nepal

There’s nothing like that sweet, sweet taste of revenge. Just ask this fella, he’ll tell you all about it…..

Man Bites Cobra To Death - Nepal

Everyone remembers a time when they’ve taken revenge, served hot or cold. Whether it was toothpaste in the Oreos of your house mate that nicked your last beer, or a punch in the screen for a computer that just would not load up that file you needed for that meeting you were already late for.

Meet Mohamed Salmo Miya – he is a literal revenge legend. He’s 55 and lives and works in the paddy fields a couple of hundred clicks from Kathmandu, Nepal. Last Tuesday, while in the fields, he got bitten by a white cobra. So what did he do? Scream and run to the local witch doctor? Have a bit of a cry like a baby girl? No, he acted like a boss. He chased the snake through the paddy fields, caught it and bit it to death. So that implies not just the one bite, but a flurry of chomps. Awesome. Wonder what it tasted like?

He was quoted as saying: “I was very angry after the snake bit into me. Then I followed the snake, grabbed it and bit it to death…. I could have killed it with a stick but I was mad with anger and wanted to take revenge. I killed it with my teeth.” He eventually went to the clinic after being badgered by his family because he is a double hard bastard. He also said “A snake charmer told me that if a snake bites you, bite it until it is dead and nothing will happen to you,”

WINNER! Nepal has around about 1,000 snake bite deaths per year but thankfully for our new hero, the white cobra isn’t an ultra-poisonous snake, so he didn’t die and is now recovering at home. And the snake’s not on the protected list so he avoided jail too. That snake ain’t coming back though….


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