Neo-Nazi’s Are Now Doing ‘The Milk Challenge’ To Signify Racial Purity

Nazi milk challenge


Some of you might have seen that Shia LaBeouf AKA King of the Trolls set up a four year live stream at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. The art installation had been set up in order for people to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. But sadly the project instead became a broadcast outlet for white nationalism.

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Amid all the Third Reich tattoos bouncing around, one thing really stood out and that was that all the Nazis appeared to be chugging milk. Apparently, the white liquid that comes out of cows’ udders is the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in Donald Trump’s America:

It almost doesn’t seem real that this is happening in America right now. A group of Nazis were proudly dancing topless over the weekend, letting milk dribble down their bigoted torsos. Has this been set up? Maybe Shia himself got a group of actors to carry out this ridiculous scene as a new form of trolling. Or we really are living in a world where Nazis are adopting the partying techniques of 14-year-olds.

It looks like the truth is probably the latter as the art installation has since been shut down due to violence. Good one Nazis – why do they have to ruin everything? They should’ve just called in the Nazi puncher – no doubt he could’ve sorted them out.


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