Neo-Nazi Couple ‘Accidentally’ Receive Black Donor’s Sperm For Surrogate Baby


“The neo-Nazi community don’t want me now.”

An Ohio neo-Nazi woman was “accidentally” inseminated with sperm from an African-American donor.

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Hopefully this incident makes her realise that racism is a complete waste of time and that people are people, no matter where they come from or what colour their skin is. Molly Cram says her now two-year-old daughter has caused “major problems” with her Nazi beliefs. Warning: her quotes are beyond offensive:

The neo-Nazi community don’t want me now. My daughter’s going to hell cause she ain’t pure. But part of me still loves that little half-human.

Seriously, who thinks like that? Her boyfriend, John Steelhammer broke up with Cram soon after the birth. Here’s what he had to say:

I love Molly, but you know how stupid I look in all this? I didn’t want to tell my white brothers I was shooting blanks, so now they think my girl was cheating around on me. My life is really stressful right now.


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I hope it is. When Cram notified the mix-up to the sperm bank, they allegedly sent her a letter of apology and refunded the money, saying that it was an accident. But Cram being a neo-Nazi and all has an absolutely insane explanation for why that happened:

I know that bank giving me a black sperm was a secret plot to embarrass the white race. But these milk duds are going to feel the force of white power. I’m burning a cross and that’s just the start.

Oh no, she’s going to burn a cross!? I’m sure the world is shaking in its boots.

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