Neil Patrick Harris Gets Wasted In Mexico; Posts A Bunch Of Dumb Photos

Neil Patrick Harris Mexico

Neil Patrick Harris was on holiday with his family in Mexico and decided to have a margarita drinking contest with himself. The result is a bunch of beautiful pictures of him completely trashed.

Neil Patrick Harris (you know, Barney Stinson from that How I Met Your Mother show – he’s always around doing something) was on the last day of his holiday with his family in Mexico when he decided to have a one man margarita drinking competition (seriously, nobody else is drinking in any of the pictures at all) and document the results via his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The results are probably completely fake and didn’t happen at all, but hey at least they’re fairly entertaining and the guy is trying to amuse everyone even when he isn’t even being paid to do so. That’s the sign of a true comedian right there, ladies and gentlemen.

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