Neil DeGrasse Tyson Completely Schools B.o.B On His Belief That The Earth Is Flat

Shut down.

Earlier we told you how rapper B.o.B had gone full-on conspiracy theorist on Twitter, trying to convince everyone that the Earth is actually flat and that the government has been lying to us since forever about it (for whatever reason).

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Here’s a reminder of what B.o.B was Tweeting alongside some other paranoid nonsense he’s into:

So yeah, we’ve all heard the 9/11 and moon landing conspiracies a million times before. Not even going to bother talking about this celebrity cloning centre he’s going about. But what really blows my mind is there’s actually people out there in 2016 who believe the world is flat. B.o.B. backed up his beliefs with these screenshots he took from a book:

Things were getting a bit silly so Neil deGrasse Tyson got involved to shut this clown down:

B.o.B. responded in classic truther fashion:

Tyson then pretty much summed it up:

I’ll give B.o.B. this – he’s thinking critically and asking questions which is something that can only be commended. The problem is he seems to have gone all-in with this belief that the world is flat so he’s not trying to hear anything anyone tells him that proves otherwise, even if it’s coming from one of the smartest men in the world.

Don’t waste your time Neil – you’ve still got to answer that 6-year-old’s question about the meaning of life.


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