The Neighbour Of A TikTok Superstar Says His Party Guests Are Shitting In The Street

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I have absolutely no idea how a TikTok superstar leads their life to be honest, but judging by this story about TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall it sounds like it’s just a constant life of partying and excess.

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Hall lives with other social media big shots Noah Beck and Blake Gray in a mansion known as ‘Sway House’ in Los Angeles that has constantly been in the news throughout the lockdown for breaking the rules and hosting several raucous house parties. It’s apparently becoming way too much for the people who live on the once quiet street, who have now described it as a party warzone, with a SWAT team getting called in to shut down one of them apparently.

Here’s some footage from one of these crazy ass parties:

Wow, it seems like those kids are big fans of the ‘American Pie’ movies right. To be honest I expected it to be way wilder and crazier, but I guess you can’t put everything you’re up to on TikTok and Instagram or whatever. Was kinda lame when they were dancing and playing Beer Pong but maybe some cool stuff happened later on?

Anyway, Mark Mothersbaugh is a musician and the lead singer of the band Devo – and I think he did the music to ‘Rugrats’ as well – who lives on the street and at 70 years old is classified in the vulnerable category. He also recently had Coronavirus and is furious with the TikTokers for having so many parties during the middle of a pandemic and not following the rules.

Here’s what his wife had to say about their actions:

This virus is no joke, I’ve experienced it firsthand.

There was a week when my daughters thought he would die.

It makes me crazy, the sheer inconsideration. It goes on all day long.

There are people in the pool screaming, they’re blasting music and there are cars parked all down the street.

They don’t seem to care about public health.
There have been parties here where a SWAT team has been brought out to shut them down.

There’s damage to property and cars.

I’ve seen someone taking a sh*t on the street opposite my home, people having sex in cars.

All of a sudden it just feels like the wild west.

Again, this kinda seems like a bunch of old people who were used to a quiet life overreacting to some young people moving into their area and going crazy, although I can appreciate how annoying it must be that they’re having parties there every weekend. Like I doubt it’s actually like the wild west – that’s such a boomer thing to say – but at the same time it would probably be a bit nicer if they limited the parties to like one a month or something.

I guess that isn’t how the influencer life works though unfortunately, so Mothersbaugh and the rest of them are probably going to have to move or wait it out until the TikTok boom is over. Hopefully won’t be that long.

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