NBA Star JR Smith Caught A Protester Smashing His Window & Beat The Crap Out Of Him (VIDEO)

A protester bashed JR Smith’s car and he let him have it.

It looks as though a lot of people are using the protests around America as an excuse to raise hell for the sake of it and destroy other people’s property indiscriminately.

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Unfortunately for this one rioter over in L.A., he smashed the car window of 6’6″, 225-pound NBA star JR Smith, who then beat the living daylights out of him:

Chances are JR Smith is going to have to deal with some assault charges especially as he’s a famous athlete, but I don’t know that you can really blame him for his reaction there. OK it’s never nice to see anyone get kicked in the head like that, but it’s not nice to vandalise other people’s property either. You can’t go around smashing car windows and not expect to get beaten up by the owner of said car, can you?

Not to mention how that sort of behaviour has nothing to do with protesting the death of George Floyd in the first place and is clearly just an excuse for this prick and others like him to cause chaos and destruction.

Also not sure what that guy at the start of the video asking to “respect his privacy” is on about? Guy is beating someone up in the middle of the street and we’re all here for it. Hardly a private moment. If you’re someone out there protesting right now, don’t be like the kid in this video. It’s not difficult to voice your opinions and vent your frustration peacefully, and you might even avoid getting your ass whooped in the process.

For a supercut of some of the police brutality captured at the riots thus far, click HERE.


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