America Reaches A New Low – First Annual ‘National Gun Appreciation Day’ Scheduled

Gun Appreciation Day Featured

It has just been announced that Americans will celebrate National Gun Appreciation Day on January 19th which is probably the dumbest and grossest holiday that has ever been celebrated, especially considering recent events. We take a closer look at it and tell you just how dumb it is.

Gun Appreciation Day Featured

I don’t really write that many PC things on Sick Chirpse but I felt we were covering that whole Alex Jones/Piers Morgan incident so it was probably worth chiming in with my two cents over this issue. As many of you know, that Sandy Hook shooting last year has encouraged a lot of people over in America – including Barack Obama and members of Congress – to examine their gun legislation and ‘the right to bear arms’ and thrown up a big debate over whether this should actually be legal, given that about a zillion people die every year in the states (closer to around 23 a day but that’s still WAY MORE than should be dying)  because of it and some depressed/disturbed kid shoots up his school or place of employment every couple of years. Or it seems like that anyway.

Although there are probably a bunch of decent Americans out there who realise – even though the NRA says it carries out stringent security checks and registration checks over every gun it sells to people – that the very existence of a gun culture in their country necessitates violent crime and as such are probably against the continuation of its policies, it unfortunately seems like all you ever hear about are the pro guns idiots like Alex Jones and there seem to be a shit ton of them. And it’s one of these idiots who runs an ad agency called Political Media named Larry Ward who has decided to help celebrate and raise awareness (what!?!?!) of the issues currently surrounding gun ownership in the United States by declaring January 19th ‘National Gun Appreciation Day.’

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Ward himself had this to say about National Gun Appreciation Day: ‘We decided to run with this last week and put together a wide and growing group of conservative organizations, publications and businesses. The groups involved include the Second Amendment Foundation, the Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Revolution PAC, a super PAC that supported Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy.Typically we work behind the scenes, we’re an ad agency that works on the right. This was a special case because I wanted to not have just one group spearhead it like the NRA.’

Interestingly, the NRA isn’t one of the groups involved in National Gun Appreciation Day and haven’t even called Ward back. Either even the NRA realise how stupid the whole idea of something like this is, or they’ve got a really bad secretary. Anyway, here’s a meme that has been designed to promote National Gun Appreciation Day and tells you exactly how you should be celebrating:

National Gun Appreciation Day

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Obviously I don’t really need to explain to anyone how ridiculous or how inappropriate this is. Firstly, it’s less than a month since the Sandy Hook shootings so I’m sure that the fact that they’re celebrating gun culture just after that happened is going to offend a bunch of people and organisations all over the world, and more than that it just makes them look like complete assholes who have no regard for anyone or anything other than their little guns that they want to use to shoot animals or hold up liquor stores or force girls to have sex with them with or whatever they hell they want to/need to do with them. Like legitimately there isn’t really any reason for people to have guns. Sure, you can use the self defence and the right to bear arms defence but if nobody had guns then nobody would be scared of other people with guns so wouldn’t need guns to protect themselves with in the first place. It’s like a simpler version of mutually assured destruction. Kinda.

Secondly, it’s two days before Obama’s inauguration so it seems like it’s being presented as a rather abstract threat to him that gun lovers aren’t going anywhere because they can organise and mobilise dumb events like this. Even more abstractly it could be seen as a vague threat that he had better watch out during his inauguration because someone might shoot him with a gun, although that sounds kinda like I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist so I’m just gonna leave it at that, although someone has left a Facebook comment on the official site saying ‘I’m in! Does anyone plan on storming D.C.?’ which kind of proves I’m not the only person thinking this, even though I might be the only one with a brain. There is definitely an air of foreboding surrounding the timing of the event though, as well as one of  a complete and utter lack of respect for everything that happened at Sandy Brook.

National Gun Appreciation Day Screengrab

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Thirdly, have you seen how these people think that it should be celebrated? It doesn’t even seem like it’s actually even celebrating National Gun Appreciation Day, it seems more like it’s protesting against potential legislation that may be introduced to Congress after Obama’s inauguration but masquerading as a holiday. If they want to have a protest, then just have a protest! Do they actually think disguising it as a holiday is going to make people think any different about the issue? Or that people won’t actually realise what they’re doing? I know everyone in America loves the flag and the constitution and protesting but is anyone other than all those stupid rednecks the south actually liable to do any of this? There are a LOT of rednecks in the states though….The organization is  even calling gun lovers ‘true patriots’ in an effort to change the debate from liberals v conservative to patriots v traitors, whcih is like the oldest trick in the book but still likely to fool a bunch of dumb Americans into taking part in this dumb event.

It’s also kind of an eye opener that the movement is so confident that there will be local gun shows all over the country that they can instruct people to go to them on these days. Firstly what exactly is a gun show, except for a cool line in a joke you can use about how big your biceps are if you’re a complete tool? I guess they are more likely to happen on a Saturday than any other day of the week but still, come on, are there really that many at any given time, or does Larry Ward just EXPECT a bunch of people to have gun shows that weekend after he announced National Gun Appreciation Day. Either choice is pretty scary if you ask me.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it’s a National Gun Appreciation Day FFS. How can anyone take that seriously? It sounds like something that would be a national holiday in some made up dictatorship from a made up country in an old series of 24 or something. I know that it isn’t an official holiday over there, but neither is steak and blow job day or 4/20 and I’m pretty sure a large portion of the population over there celebrate both of those events and they’re now world events that are synonymous with the states I’m pretty sure a bunch of douchebags over there will be heading down to the gun show with their flags  and signs hoping that this will have the same impact on America, if not the world. I don’t want to say it makes me sick because I don’t feel that strongly about it but it definitely doesn’t make me feel good.  For the ‘leader of the new world’ to celebrate something so stupid just makes everyone think that they’re idiots and probably deserve to be usurped by the Chinese sometime soon. I don’t know what the gun laws are in China but I can bet they’re a damn sight more civilized than those in the good ol’ US of A. I just looked them up and they’re way more respectable and normal, so yeah there you go.

I don’t think Sick Chirpse is really big enough to mobilise people against this or if I would really want to and we’re predominantly a UK website anyway but I’m hoping someone is doing something over there to make sure that this receives the exposure in terms  of how stupid and dumb and backward this idea is. If you know anything hit me up and we’ll get behind it. National Gun Appreciation and Larry Ward and all the dumb organisations (what the hell are these organisations anyway? For what reason do they even exist?) behind it can go eat a bag of dicks.


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